Mount Carmel Catholic College Varroville
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210 Spitfire Drive
Varroville NSW 2566

Phone: 02 9603 3000

From The Assistant Principal

You may be aware that Interline buses have recently confirmed a new bus service that will commence this coming Monday 28 February. The morning service (3040) will depart the western side of Campbelltown train station at 7:50am each morning and make its way directly to the College. The afternoon service (4039) will depart the College at 3:40pm and make its way directly to the western side of Campbelltown train station. 

At the beginning of each year, we typically notice an increase in students who are dropped off and picked up by private vehicles which leads to an increase in congestion in the parent car park (immediately to the left as you enter the College gates). Particularly during this Covid climate, parents are asked to pull into designated parking spots at drop off and pick up and to remain in your vehicle at all times. As I mentioned in a recent newsletter, Spitfire Drive is relatively clear by 3:30pm each afternoon so you may wish to slightly delay your pick up time as supervision is still provided until the final buses leave each day.

In line with recent announcements from the NSW Government, the rapid antigen test (RAT) program will end today (Friday 25 February 2022). This means that the twice weekly testing using RAT kits is no longer in place. Thank you for your patience and cooperation over the last four weeks. While it has been a—sometimes unwelcome—addition to the already busy morning routine, proactive testing was a critical tool to keep our school community safe, especially while case numbers remained high in the broader community.

For the remainder of Term 1, families are asked to use RATs at your discretion when you consider it necessary (e.g. if a child develops symptoms or a family member is unwell). In the coming weeks, each student will be provided with a further eight RATs to be used for this purpose. We are currently awaiting the delivery of the additional RATs from the NSW Government and we will advise you of collection details as soon as we receive the delivery.

Finally, as has been stated previously, I request that families inform the College immediately should any student test positive to COVID-19 and again stress that should this occur, the student must isolate for a minimum of 7 days, along with any sibling from the same household. Finally, I would also ask that students who are displaying any type of flu-like symptoms stay at home until such symptoms have ceased.

Kind regards,

David Cloran
Assistant Principal

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