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From the REC

St Mary of the Cross - Inspiration

Jakeb Wiseman writes

I find Mary Mackillop to be an exceptional role model to anybody. Although what she achieved and changed was over a century ago, her values and perseverance helps put our challenges in perspective. What Mary MacKillop did and achieved was extraordinary. Regardless of the circumstances, she found herself in, even when she was excommunicated from the church she knew as home, she persisted in making a difference that was clearly visible to all. Mary MacKillop was neither the richest, nor the most faithful person alive, yet she demonstrates to us that irrespective of the situation and challenges you find yourself in you can make a change to anything you see fit to. 

“Never see a need without doing something about it.” – Mary MacKillop

Jakeb Wiseman

Let us be reminded to follow her example to make a difference!

In the RE classroom, Years 7 to 10 will be commencing their new unit of work next week. Below is an overview of what each of the units will focus upon.

Year 7 - Stewards of Creation

In this unit, students will examine our belief that God is the source of all creation, and that all human beings have been called to stewardship. Students will be encouraged to explore positive ways to show care for all of God’s creation. The Scriptures and the Creed, inform our beliefs about God, creation, and humanity.

Year 8 - Striving for Goodness

Within the Christian worldview, God is acknowledged as the highest good. Created in the image and likeness of God, women, and men are inherently good. In this unit, students will explore and affirm the good in their lives and the reality that the distortion of good can prevent us from realising the fullness of our humanity.

Year 9 - Biblical Writing

In this unit, students will explore the Bible as the unfolding story of our relationship with God by examining the Bible as a collection of sacred books which contain the truth of God’s revelation as written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. They will become familiar with a range of literary forms in both the Old and New Testaments. Students will read passages in the contexts in which they were written, explaining their features and purpose to interpret the whole message of the Scriptures with a view to its heart and mystery.

Year 10 - Catholic Social Teaching

This unit seeks to ground students in the vocation of social justice, founded in the lived example of Jesus Christ and underpinned by Scripture. It is a thread through the history of the church as it has sought to engage with the issues that have faced its people. In the modern world, these ideas have found firm ground in the formal teachings of Catholic social doctrine, which reflect on the mission of the church and calls us to respond to issues in our world today.

For Year 8 students, please see attached letter regarding Religious Literacy Assessment

Mrs Christine Meharg