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Principal's Report


In this week’s Gospel (Luke 16: 1-13), there is a simple phrase that can become a basis for our values in life. Jesus says; “the man who can be trusted in little things can be trusted in great”. We often hear a similar message not only in the Gospels but also in the world around us. How many times will we not share a secret with someone who we know will spread it around. We also may not lend money or possessions to someone who we know will damage or lose these. This trust develops as a result of the way that we value the things that are given to us. For many of us, the things we might most value are our relationships. These are far greater than any material possession we might have. Trust brings with it the responsibility to care. I will sometimes see in our students how this trust might be broken by things said on social media or friends speaking a careless word or someone overreacting to a thoughtless message. Trust is a two-way relationship and should be fostered and nurtured wherever possible. Students are encouraged to consider building relationships between their friends and their peers whenever possible.

PR1.jpgYesterday I attended the Diocese of Wollongong Vocational Education and Training (VET) Awards evening. This evening honours all the trainers and students who are deemed to be the best in their field. These awards include each of the systemic and independent Catholic schools from the Macarthur, Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands. This year we had a number of students and staff nominated for various awards and I am pleased to announce that Mr Andre Daniels and Gabriel Nicolasora (Year 12) were announced as the outstanding trainer and student in the area of Hospitality – Food and Beverage. This is generally the largest of all the VET subjects and is a great honour for these two and for the College. Congratulations to both Gabriel and Mr Daniels on achieving these accolades.

Next week, we will hold our Year 12 farewell events for the class of 2022. This year we are looking to build on, and refine, the formalities of the last few years and will be holding a pizza and ice cream lunch for the students on Tuesday before their farewell breakfast and Graduation Mass on Wednesday morning and Graduation Awards ceremony on Wednesday evening. We hope that each of the Year 12 students recognise how valued they are as members of our community and that we wish them all the best as they complete their time at Mount Carmel. In the last few weeks prior to their exams, we hope that they will take every opportunity presented to them to revise and use their teachers for advice.

Last Wednesday, we hosted another of our Year 7 Parent Literacy Engagement evenings. This was attended by about 20 people and was an opportunity for Year 7 parents to hear what their child is learning in English and how to support reading and help to develop an interest in this for their child. The parents in attendance benefitted from the evening and were able to borrow books that their child might be studying during term 3. We hope to build on this opportunity over the coming years. Thanks to Ms Murphy, Ms Hutchen and Ms Zullo for running the evening.

Ite in Veritate

Mr Steve Lo Cascio