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First Reading Am 8:4-7  The Lord will forget nothing that the wicked do.

Second Reading 1 Tm 2:1-8   Pray often, free of anger and dissension.

Gospel  Lk 16:1-13  Parable of the wise manager.

Our Christian faith calls us to care about our world and to love and protect God’s amazing creation. Yet it can sometimes be a challenge to know where to start, or the next right step to take. Here are seven practical everyday ideas to encourage you on your journey of caring for God’s creation.

Adapted from Tearfund

  1. Go outside - and connect with nature and save some electricity 
  2. Pray- for the earth and its people
  3. Reduce your waste - try a plastic free day
  4. Learn more - explore the carbon footprint of your home
  5. Commit to one change - have a “buy nothing new month”

Care for Creation Focus - Week 10 - The Sky

On the second day of creation, God separated the water above the earth from the water on the earth, placing the sky between the two.

We are reminded to:

turn off lights when we leave a room, swap globes for more energy-efficient ones, get out to the garden, and plant a tree.


Mrs Christine Meharg