Captain's Message

"Joy is born from encountering other people.”
Pope Francis

Welcome to Mount Carmel!

As the 2022 College Captains we have been appointed to serve Mount Carmel. We look forward to serving the College community this year.

In our role as student leaders, we represent the interests of Mount Carmel’s student body, acting as a conduit between staff, students and the College Executive. We believe that at the core of a Catholic community is the pursuit of “pure heart and steadfast spirit” (Psalm 51:10); to live out Gospel values with intent, enthusiasm and authenticity, as disciples of Jesus Christ.

To achieve this, we strive to emulate Christ’s servant leadership. It is important to us to demonstrate leadership through action – to express the values of compassion, acceptance, and respect in our everyday actions – in order to affirm the dignity of every student and live out our Catholic faith. Being at Mount Carmel has taught us that our motto, “Ite in Veritate” (Walk in Truth), means that we must constantly return to the sense of genuine love of our neighbour, and the genuine love of God. It is integrity which can allow us to work towards excellence both as individuals, but also as a community.

As St Paul reminds us, “God has put the body together, and if one part is honoured, then all the parts are glad.” (1 Corinthians 12). We believe that Mount Carmel’s strength is drawn from its commitment to fostering a community born from “encountering other people”, with an emphasis on knowing, valuing, and loving one another unconditionally.

We lead a Student Representative Council composed of 10 captains, across the 5 distinct portfolios of Spirituality, Social Justice and Environment, Academics, Sport and Wellbeing, and Hospitality and Culture. These portfolios encompass fundamental aspects of College life and contribute to the diverse, holistic, Christ-centred community that we are proud of here at Mount Carmel. We work closely with the community to develop initiatives, implement recommendations, and determine ways to build upon Mount Carmel’s rich history of social justice, evangelisation, ministry, and academic, sporting and cultural excellence.

In 2022, with the assistance of our Student Representative Council, we will strive to lead our College community by taking accountability for our responsibilities as bearers of Christ’s love. With our best efforts, we aim to recognise and connect with every student, by fostering a holistic culture of genuine ‘encounter’ across all aspects of College life, so that all may live out Marcellin Champagnat’s dream of making Jesus “known and loved”. Through student engagement based upon “encountering” Christ through service, we also hope to build upon our Marist characteristics of Family Spirit, Presence, Love of Work, Simplicity, and In the Way of Mary.

Along with the SRC, we invite all students and their families to Walk in Truth this year, by commencing a journey of genuine “encounter” together.

God bless,

Eseta Malaesilia & Gabriel Garcia
2022 College Captains