Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry at Mount Carmel Catholic College aims to draw students into the life and mission of the broader Catholic church community. Central to the religious life of the College is the person of Jesus Christ who came among us ‘as one who serves’ (Luke 22.27). Our Catholic College is committed to reaching out to help those in need, through charitable outreach initiatives. All outreach activities connect to the person of Jesus Christ and to the sacraments, especially the Eucharist. Drawing on the Catholic Social Teaching of the Church, we have a deep commitment to supporting a range of charitable organisations, families and individuals in need. It is through events such as Caritas, St Vincent de Paul and the College’s Champagnat Day festivities that we offer such support.

The College works in collaboration with Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong (CEDoW) and the Office of the Bishop (OOB) to provide internal and external faith-formation opportunities for students.

Each year,  Year 11 students are appointed as Youth Ministry Leaders (YMLs) to promote, organise and facilitate Youth Ministry initiatives. These initiatives encourage students to experience Jesus, and have opportunities to apply a Catholic lens when determining ethical responses to contemporary societal issues.

There are other opportunities for young people to experience this Ministry, and these are beyond the College. Wollongong Catholic Education Office, and the Office of the Bishop facilitate Live Twilight Retreats and the Diocesan Catholic Youth Festival for students in Year 9 to 12,  wherein students experience plenaries, workshops and worship sessions.