Prayer Life

Our Lady of Mount Carmel,
in faith and trust,
we place ourselves under your care.
For our college community
we ask courage, wisdom and guidance.
Mary, our good mother,
help us to follow your example,
so that, by what we say or do,
we may walk in truth at all times.
With your support may we strive to live the dream of Marcellin Champagnat:
"to make Jesus known and loved."

Our Lady of Mount Carmel .... Pray for us
Saint Marcellin Champagnat ... Pray for us
Saint Mary of the Cross Mackillop .... Pray for us
And let us always remember .... To pray for one another.

Prayer is nothing more than being in friendship with God.
St Teresa of Avila.

Prayer is at the center of life at the College. It is infused in the Religious Education curriculum and forms a vital part of the day-to-day life of the students and staff. St Paul reminds us that “God asked us to pray”, and it is a time for each of us to open our hearts to God, to share our thoughts and to think about others. Prayer can be communal or private, and there are different opportunities offered to the staff and students so as to enrich their “friendship with God”.

All our prayers have a purpose, and this is reflected in the manner in which we conclude our prayers and celebrations, we state
Our Lady of Mount Carmel … pray for us
St Marcellin Champagnat   … pray for us
St Mary of the Cross           … pray for us
and let us always remember to pray for one another.

As a community we begin each week with Monday Morning Reflection and Prayer. This comprises quotes for motivation from the Pope or Saints, connection to Sunday mass readings and Liturgical focus, then culminates with the reciting of the College prayer together. This Reflection and Prayer is led by the College Leaders and then by the different Year Groups on a roster basis.

To further enhance the beginning of the day, there are daily prayers, which are part of morning Pastoral class or subject lessons.

Unique Prayer Opportunities

Rosary - students and staff gather at the Mary statue every friday recess and prayer together. There are monthly Rosary challenges held in May and August.

Taize - This prayer style originated in Taizer, France in the 1940’s. Its a simple style that uses song as its base. The Youth Ministry Team has adapted and formed its own Taize program, and the College is blessed to so many talented singers. Once a term in the College Chapel, there is an opportunity to experience Taize prayer.

Year Assemblies

Each Year Group gathers together each fortnight. These gatherings begin with prayer and they incorporate  the  liturgical season or Marist characteristics that have been assigned to them, or other religious themes such as Saints. Teachers and students take turns at designing and presenting  prayer.

Staff Briefing Prayer and Spirituality Days

Each week the staff begin with a communal prayer. It is planned around the liturgical seasons or special themes. It provides staff with a time for reflection, action and prayer.

Each year the staff gather as a community to focus upon the core area of spirituality. We are blessed to have the Marist Faith Formation Team or the Diocese of Wollongong Spiritual Team leading the staff through large group and individual activities that help them to deepen their relationship with God.


Throughout the year, to mark important events in the Church’s liturgical year, or the House Patrons. Term 1 is Murray House, Term 2 is Howard House, Term 3 is Mackillop and Term 4 is Avila House. Other themes are Mothers and Fathers Day, All Souls Day, and Re-connectors


Throughout the year we have the joy of celebrating the Sacrament of the Eucharist  Students help to prepare and lead the Mass through Altar Serving, reading and bringing up the gifts during Mass. On different occasions parents and guardians are invited to join us for Mass.

Our Main celebrations are the Opening College mass, Our Lady of Mount Carmel feast day Mass, Champagnat Day mass, Year 12 Graduation Mass, and Concluding of the School Year.