Sacramental Program

At the College, we take opportunities to visit the nearby church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel for class prayers, class mass, or receiving reconciliation. There are opportunities for students to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation at the College in the Chapel. This generally coincides with the season of Lent. This has been an initiative of the Youth Ministry Leaders or YML’s.

From time to time, students miss out on completing their Catholic sacraments.  In particular the sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Communion, and Confirmation.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation restores life to the soul through forgiveness of our sins after baptism. Through Reconciliation, we come to God to receive healing in our lives and in our relationships.

Eucharist is a Christian community celebration and one of the three Sacraments of Initiation.

Confirmation is one of the Holy Sacraments. It is a process that begins at Baptism. Through this sacrament, Christians are strengthened by the Holy Spirit to use and develop their gifts to love and serve God and others in our everyday lives.

We are very fortunate to work with the office at Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish and assist students to be able to complete their sacraments and to become full members of their catholic community.

Because of the spirit that is part of Mount Carmel, sometimes a student will decide to be baptised. Again we work with the Parish for the student to gain access to the preparation classes.